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Darian Wentworth gave up on love a long time ago. Too bad his parents are desperate for him to get married.

Amy Browning’s acting career is on its last legs. So when Darian offers to fund her dreams in exchange for her pretending to be his girlfriend, she agrees. After all, how hard could it be to fake a relationship?

Yet as she’s thrust into the world of the cowboy elite, she finds herself falling for the charming, handsome cowboy royal. Darian is everything a woman could want— smart, reliable, and irresistible. But not everyone in Darian’s world wants to see their fake relationship succeed. 

Will Amy abandon her cowboy prince or fight to become his leading lady?

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Ronan Cash is the rockstar of the century.

Yet since the death of his wife, he couldn’t care less about performing. Each long day and lonely night are painful reminders of what he has lost.

Amy Sinclair is determined to make a name for herself. She won’t let anything get in her way, including a devastating breakup.

When she accepted the job to be Ronan Cash’s head of security, she had thought it would be her big break. If only the billionaire rockstar in question wasn’t such a pain in the ass. 

Forced to spend months on the road together, Amy’s and Ronan’s friction turns into sizzling, sexual tension threatening to incinerate them both. Even scarier than their passion, are the deep feelings blazing underneath.


Is Ronan ready to give his heart away again? And will Amy be able to let him in?